Writing Networks

Here is a link to my LiveBinder with a plan about how I might use some of the links below.

I got passed on this link via twitter, this site looks great! Lots of writing challenges.
A great way to listen to your writing and to make sure it sounds right. There is a 400 word limit for the free version.
Publish student stories, photo albums, music. These can then be sold as a fund raising option. Free sign up required.
Another online publishing resource. They have free educator accounts. Seems to be more suitable for the classroom.
Writing fun is an easy way to review the structure of writing in a range of genres. This is now a paid site but very useful if your school can afford it.

A site to publish writing online and have others read, edit and add to your stories. You do need to register and it is not an education specific site so monitoring is required.
Type in a word and this engine will find a huge range of rhyming options for you.
Connect with other students from around the world. You can set up a free class account to monitor the writing and communication between the students.
Copy and paste written work into the browser and click a button...quick and easy.
Submit a story online and have it published. This whole site looks great for teachers, students and parents.
Another site that you to publish work online. They have links to other writing activities, and a weekly writing prompt. You need to register to publish work but it is free.
Some great activities here for all curriculum areas. The puzzle and word section has some options for both writing and spelling.
An easy to use graphic organiser for creating a story using character, conflict, setting and resolution planners. This site has a lot of other useful links
An easy to use activity that will develop proof reading and editing skills in writing, using fairly universal keys.
proof reading activity for the students to try.
There are some many blog options for classes to use. I use Blogmeister for the editing options and to control and monitor posts.
Blogger is another good option for creating a free account for your class.
Samorost 2 is an online game. Chapter 1 is free and further chapters cost. There are a lot of interactive language options that can lead off this game. There is also a version 1, and future versions will be created.
Requires an account (free for educators). Lots of creative options for writing...creating books, videos (comic styled). Plenty of potential.
This is another free online game option. With the popularity of MMO/MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games, this could become a way to engage learners and encourage literacy development. Requires a reasonably big download.
Use etherpad online to start a collaborative writing project.
Another collaborative online story writing option. You have to register for this service. Not education specific so monitoring is required.
Using pictures and descriptive words to inspire students with their writing.
Using Google Apps create a class, school account and collaborate, share documents, files.
Copy and paste stories and pictures to share with friends and colleagues.
This requires registration for a free education account. You can create and collaborate to make stories. With your class.
Like Ether pad this is an online collaborative story. Invite other people to join your pad and write together.
Create basic cartoon movies online. You use points to buy backgrounds. There are education filters. An introduction to basic movie making but limited once your points run out.
Like Tikatok and Lulu this is a place to create online ebooks for publication. Similar to those sites it is not strictly education based.
Inspire your students and get them to make predictions about the different characters in the game.
Good brainstorming and tool.
Another book making web tool. Requires you to create an account.
Bebweb has a collection of links to literacy sites. I particularly like their pyramids which could support students with their writing.
A collection of podcasts for all ages on reading, writing and spelling.
Students game create their own online game or play games made by other students. Some great language, writing and discussion could come out of this. A unit in itself. Watch this video clip to get some ideas.
Draw a stickman is a online interactive site. You draw things to progress the story. This could be a good way to prompt a narrative writing experience.
An online writing community for educators and students. You can get tips and resources and there are opportunities to share work and be part of the community.