Speaking Networks
Here is a link to a plan about how I might use some of these links using LiveBinders. It is password protected so you will need to contact me before you can view this plan.
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Publish student videos using animoto. You can get a free 6 month subscription to the plus account or use the Lite version and limit your videos to 30 seconds.
This is a link to the Audacity website where you can get a free download of this audio editing program. It is very easy to use, I would recommend downloading the 'Lame' add-on so you can convert your files to MP3. This wiki has tips and tricks to help you learn more about Audacity.
Podcasting is a great way to develop oral language skills. You can download a free guide written by Tony Vincent here. There are a huge number of options to create your own podcasts. Podomatic is one free option, you will need to create an account though.
Voicethread is a great way to add audio and commentary to photos. There is a free limited version or you can pay for a larger annual account.
Skype is just awesome for making calls and collaborating with others.
A screen capture tool that allows to create commentary on screen shoots, photos and videos.There is a free limited download or you can buy a pro version. You get a free screencast account at the same time to store your screen captures for sharing.
Video conferencing and interviews that can be saved and stored. Free but requires you to register. No downloads.
Another conferencing, chat, video resource. This requires you to register. You can use your Google account for this. Lots of potential.
This interactive activity (State of Debate) allows students to select responses to questions to issues relevant to teens.
Downloading itunes to your computer is a great way to get access to huge range of podcasts, music, video, applications. Much of it free.
A great way to get students talking and interacting is through cooking. This is a fantastic site with numerous useful links and resources for everyone.
An online screen capture tool with a microphone so students can capture a screen, video, picture and talk about it at the same time.
An online video collection with tips and tricks for making a video. Could be a great learning tool for students. The basic account is free.
StupeFlix lets you create video montages using your pictures and video clips.You can upload audio as well to add narration to your clip. A bit like Photostory 3 (a downloadable program made by Microsoft.
Masher is another video/photo editing/production tool. It is easy to use and you can use their gallery of clips or upload your own.
Like screencastomatic this is an online screen capturing resource.